Local Warehouse


How are Ugreen products delivered to our homes so quickly?


Allow us to explain how we deliver our amazing products to you, faster!

Ugreen products are sold to over 100 countries and regions around the world. Over the past 11 years, we've built an efficient, fast, and secure logistics system to supply some of our larger markets. Currently, we've invested nearly 50 million euros in local warehouses in countries and regions like Germany, the US, Singapore, and China, as well as improvements in service quality through continuous management and equipment upgrades.

When you place an order on eu.ugreen.com, the order is uploaded to our local warehouse in Bremen, Germany and the logistics process truly begins.



What happens after you place an order?


Once the Bremen storage center receives your order, processing begins immediately. Your order will be immediately placed in the appropriate sorting area with the assistance of automated machinery.


Due to the particularity of electronic products, a second scan is conducted along with an inspection of the outer packaging before the product enters the conveyor belt and is eventually delivered directly to you. Thanks to these investments in the modernization and management of our warehouses, your goods will arrive to you quicker than ever before.



Why the 3-7 day delivery promise?


Ugreen has created diverse strategic cooperation agreements with several well-known logistics providers around the world to ensure our delivery speed. Many customers will receive their goods the day after purchase. For orders that are further away from the warehouse, there may exceeding delays, to be frank. That said, the longest delay is usually between 3 to 5 days. If you experience longer abnormal delivery times, we encourage you to contact our customer service email for additional details. Once we've obtained the proper delivery information, we will follow up within 24 hours.

Each day, we receive many orders from all throughout Europe. Although our team processes them as quickly as possible, we cannot always fully guarantee that your goods will arrive on time. As such, by investing into an improved, automated logistic experience, and opening local warehouses in more major European countries, we at Ugreen hope to provide quick, consistent deliveries to our valued customers.


Why does Ugreen continue to invest in user experience?


We know that you use Ugreen products to optimize your charging experience, and that by delivering goods safely and quickly, we add to the overall user experience. Thank you for choosing Ugreen!