The UGREEN Nexode RG 65W is Here: A Power-Packed Portable Robo-Charger

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As travelers, we understand the burden of packing a charger that doesn't completely weigh us down. We crave a travel charger that does more than add weight to our pack; a power-packed partner to accompany our journey.

Enter the Nexode RG 65W, a game-changing charger from leading electronic accessory brand UGREEN. Engineered for speed, versatility and convenience, the RG 65W charger provides a complete charging solution for tech users on the go. Weighing less than most conventional chargers, the RG 65W is a 3-port charger meant to be the perfect companion for any trip or charge.

UGREEN Nexode RG Robot GaN Charger

Standout Futuristic Design

Unlike generic-looking chargers, the RG 65W features a unique, robotic look that sets it apart! The contemporary and minimalist design with smooth contours gives it a stylish, futuristic look. This makes it an eye-catching accessory to pair with your sleek tech gadgets. Beyond its aesthetic look, there is functional appeal with the Nexode RG 65W Charger with its built-in, Smart Charging Status Display. LED lights in the shape of simple emojis provide the charging status in real-time, so users can easily find out when devices are charged. 

UGREEN Nexode RG Robot GaN Charger

The compact dimensions save precious desk space without sacrificing performance. For those valuing both form and function, the Nexode RG 65W Charger delivers.

GaNFast™ Hyper Speed Charging

At its core, the Nexode RG 65W Charger delivers blazing fast charging speeds. With a total of 65-wats of power delivery, the RG 65W can rapidly charge laptops, tablets, and phones. This is thanks to the cutting-edge GaNFast™ technology integrated into each RG charger.

GaNFast™ chargers utilize gallium nitride chips which enhance efficiency and enable a more compact design. Compared to traditional chargers, GaNFast™ charger enables 3X faster charging while maintaining cooler temperatures. The 65-watt output pumps juice to devices in no time, charging a MacBook Air M2 from 0 to 51% in just 30 minutes!

The Nexode RG 65W Charger’s high-speed charging capabilities make it ideal for users needing to power up devices quickly, particularly while travelling or working on the go. This charger has different specifications for you to choose from, and is suitable for the UK, the United States, the EU and other regions, providing you with charging convenience.

Universal Compatibility

Widely compatible with a range of gadgets, the RG 65W works with a varying range of products; from the latest iPhone or Samsung device, to iPads and Galaxy Tabs, to the Steamdeck or Switch, to MacBooks and many other USB-C laptops. Successfully tested with a plethora of different Apple, Samsung, Google, and Lenovo devices, it is an added bonus that the RG 65W charger supports various fast charging protocols; Power Delivery and Quick Charge to name a few.

With the ability to power up most phones, tablets and laptops with USB-C, the Nexode RG 65W Charger acts as an all-in-one charging solution. Whether you use devices for work, entertainment or communication, this versatile charger has you covered with its multi-device compatibility.

Safety Features for Peace of Mind

With 65-watts of power delivery, UGREEN understood the importance of ensuring a safe charge and emphasized that point with the RG 65W.

Ugreen's built-in Thermal Guard™ system monitors temperature changes in real-time helping RG provide instant protection from overheating.

A durable casing uses flame-retardant PC material to reduce an potential risk of fire, and the detachable shoe pin covers add an extra layer of pin safety and durability.

UGREEN Nexode RG Robot GaN Charger

But that's not all. The Nexode RG 65W Charger has a comprehensive multi-protection system that protects from hazards like short circuit, power surge, overvoltage, and more! With all these safety features in place, true peace of mind can thrive.

A Green-er Initiative

The Nexode RG 65W aims to provide a more eco-friendly impact with its highly efficient GaN technology. This tech allows Nexode Chargers to consume far less energy than traditional silicon chargers, reducing both electronic waste and carbon emissions due to a more efficient manufacturing process.

UGREEN Nexode RG Robot GaN Charger

By choosing the RG 65W charger, you're not only have access to a small-sized, fast charging, power charger, you're also helping to reduce your overall carbon footprint on the environment.


For tech users seeking a fast and reliable all-in-one charging solution, this innovatively engineered charger is a smart purchase that promises to boost to any charging experience. Despite its small size and adorable design, it offers the formidable charging efficiency any devices require. Tailored for those who appreciate convenience without the bulk, this compact charger is the perfect addition to any travel kit, ensuring devices stay charged and connected, no matter where the journey leads.

UGREEN Nexode RG Robot GaN Charger